Welcome to Casa Bellota

The long-standing tradition of Spanish horses, their gate and morphology, is world-renowned, their beauty and nobility recognized as outstanding among all other breeds.

For over 400 years, this breed of Spanish descent was meticulously protected and improved upon through the dedication and experience of various famous houses and stables around the world.

As a boutique breeding facility for Spanish Horses or Pura Raza Española in Costa Rica, Casa Bellota has inherited the best-of-breed offspring and dedicated the past ten years to the continuation of this heritage, applying tradition and modern science to the improvement and wellbeing of every animal in our stable.

Our dedication to the breed has produced some of the best examples of Spanish horses, especially for this region, and our brand is recognized amongst the selective and passionate followers of this breed.

At Casa Bellota, our dedication to quality over quantity, delivers foals of clear lineage, embodying the breed’s infamy in gate and size, and placing our offspring as one of the top-ranking horses in both national and international competitions.

Visitors to Casa Bellota, be they world-renowned breeders, competition judges, representatives of the association of Spanish Breeders (ANCCE), or the many discerning eyes, all unanimously agree that Casa Bellota produces a superior representation of the Spanish horse worth of their admiration.

We welcome anyone who shares the passion for this beautiful breed to also embrace the long-standing and amazing tradition of Caballos De Pura Raza Española and to be part of its history past, present and future.

Let this noble breed fulfill you as it continuously blesses and fulfills us as well. We wish you a wonderful experience in this amazing journey.

Casa Bellota



Our star stallions, Guerrero CB and Escudo Bellota represent a lineage descending of a long line of champions, recognized as “best functionality, best morphology, best movements and best in show”.

These champions represent the highest genetic aptitude for dressage and excellent breeding traits, very much represented also in foals born in our stables.



Our mares are selected for their excellent maternal ability and genetics. Their incredible and highly compatible genetic base is material in elevating the reproductive lineage of Casa Bellota to the champion level currently represented by all the Casa Bellota offspring.



The lineage of all foals originating from Casa Bellota, undergo a thorough selection process to emphasize those qualities most important to the Spanish horse and as outlined by the Spanish Horse Association (ASOCPRE) located in Spain.

The attention to detail, expertise and care from the initial selection of the Sire and Dam, diet and care during gestations, socialization and growth, is carefully observed by different levels of experts, each of whom are recognized for their long-standing contribution to the furthering of best practices in this lineage.

Also part of the process is the incorporation of the most ancient of traits still available in certain breeding stables that are selectively still found in Spain. For us, every step of the process contributes to the perfection of the breed. Be it the muscle, bone or mental development, coat, physical and physiological condition all is carefully fostered, resulting in offspring that represents the best of the best of this noble breed.



Each foal born into our stables represents part of our lineage and is thus considered a
member of our family. For many years, it was impossible for us to consider any of our
foals to leave our stables. Everything is a learning process and as the interest in our
lineage increased, and with the first foals leaving to a new home, we did not lose a
family member, but increased our circle of friends and family.

We remain in touch with all the new stables of our foals and together continue to foster
the enhancement of the breed. Our extended circle provides us the perspective and
expertise to continuously improve the capacities of Casa Bellota.

If interested in our lineage, we welcome you to reach out with your inquiries or come
see us in San Isidro, our doors are always open to those who share our passion.

If interested in our Casa Bellota lineage, please email us at info@casabellota.com